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Alexander Technique Time

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    Alexander Technique 
                   Kimberly Peterson   
 Certified Instructor for the beginner or advanced student
                       Body Alignment, Core Strength or Pain Relief



     Alexander Technique in Chula Vista

    Alexander Technique Time

     Objectives are to teach and expand the awareness of the body through movement. Alexander technique principles will lead to improved posture, alignment, balance, focus, core strength and ease.

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                        The Alexander Technique Beginners Classes

                         This class will be held every night on Wednesday!!!

You will learn about your daily body movment and the correct form you should be using everyday to feel more relaxed and be aligned with your body from head to toe.  



       The Alexander Technique teaches to train, correct or confirm muscle movement in a way that supports the bodys natural bone structure. The result of this correct movement is pain relief and improved strength. Also is a great tool for rehabilitation and body upkeep for any type of athlete.

                                  The Alexander Technique

             Enhance the Dancer, Athlete and Body Fitness individual. 

                                                                 YOU CAN HAVE

Healthy body core - Maintain your cores health and keep your muscles               inline, relaxed and ready to perform at your best.

  * Head, Neck, Spine relationship in motion. 

  * Pain Relief work with carpul tunnel,  rumiatiod arthritis, back pain, neck              painbalance issues, and others who want to better there posture, Feel      
    taller, look taller. 

  * Light Slow movement - Gain with no pain? Rehabilitation, recovery and              dealing with every day conditions with out the pain of heavy exercise or fast       movement.

                         Schedule a Lesson 

  One hour of Instruction is all you need to feel relaxed, better balanced and Aligned. Weekly sessions are suggested for best results and for High activity body fitness individuals to keep a healthy core.

WHAT IS THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE?    Understanding the relationship of the head neck, and how they work together to free up the whole body into better movement.

WHO IS F.M. ALEXANDER?  He was an actor/speaker who lost his voice continuelsly, after many doctor visits that didn't seem to help he decided to do a self study and came up with his technique that freed up his voice and then was able to teach others that expanded into whole body movement.

WHY SHOULD I TRY THIS TECHNIQUE?  If you have tried anything or everything else and it is not working long term to keep you out of pain, or you want more out of your regular activities.  If you have been in an accident or have another injury that might hold you back from movement, or to better your talents like music or dancing.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT IN A LESSON?  One is usually asked how they feel and if there is something specific that they need to address. Then the teacher decides how she will appoach this. Walking, sitting, standing or small simple movement is what one will do.  There is also table work which involves an active resting time which the student is still able to assimulate the lesson.


                   For more in-depth info visit The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique at