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Kimberly Peterson

  • The importance of touch and integration of the mind/body is a must when healing.  Kimberly teaches how to effortlessly explore  this awareness and help you able to help yourself. She has over 20 years experience and is a certified Alexander Technique teacher from A.T.I. Her approach is gentle yet profound. Her life has been dedicated to teaching all kinds of movement.  She is a certified Pilates teacher and holds a BA Dance.  Kimberly has worked with a Pain Clinic Company, Dancers, Athletes, Musicians, Low muscle tone syndrome,and children with ADHD. Her passion and love for this work is great.

Workshops and Private classes available

The Alexander Technique is a practical form of embodied mindfulnes. During this two hour workshop we explore whole body while sitting,standing and moving.  The idea of self awareness and releasing unnessesary muscle tension.  According to spinal neurosurgeon Jack Stern MD thinks that 97% of all back sufferers can benefit from the Alexander Technique.  Sitting or standing for long periods easily cause this strain and pain.  Call now to schedule an appointment or workshop. 619-743-8797

Experience Lightness, Better Flexibility & Learn how to use Ease

The Alexander Technique has been around for over a century.  It has become popular with performing artist such as Judi Dench, Dustin Hoffman and many more.  It has also become clinically proven for back pain by the British Medical Journal and Dentist Provident. There are many successes stories including my own of chronic neck pain after a car accident. I am able to get myself out of pain and continue by active lifestyle.


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